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He held and played with my breasts.Susan then zoomed in close and I'm amazed at what I see.There was an old man collecting the parking fee that Luke paid, the man not even looking at me.My daughter's hands gripped my shoulders as we loved each other.“Well don’t worry honey I packed it in for you.Make sure you follow them."Then I reach up and pull down her top until her dress is crumpled around her waist so she appears almost naked.She was very cool about it, kept trying to give me space to… you know, open up.”The few passengers who had alighted soon disappeared and for the next fifteen minutes I stood eagerly watching every face that entered or left the station but ten minutes after two, still no Pamela.Her palms were sweaty and her panties a sopping mess.“Then rob can fuck you while I ride your face.”On second thought, she turned back around to look at the man, who was just awakening from unconsciousness.Standing with her legs outside of his she started rubbing her bare ti