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I picked up the pace.She is covered in large fur pelt, she slowly shifts from under it and slowly stands up.Her hand rested on her stomach in a way that could mean only one thing.And as for my mother, she’s a little preoccupied today.Perhaps it was her overwhelming emotions keeping her conscious.Unfortunately her torments at the hands of the sorcerers seems to have left her timid, and unassuming.“Haven’t you played with yourself?” She looked at me confused then shook her head no, “I never knew how but I’ve put my finger in it.” I smiled and continued.He said it so "matter of fact" -ly, it almost made me speechless."Second...," she stood up on her tiptoes and kissed him, showing him her appreciation.She jumped up lightly and wrapped her legs around his waist, nearly causing him to stagger before he caught himself.Story One: Incestuous AwakeningYou can put your top on when we leave.”He told me that he would park and come into the lobby for you.”That is why you evolved.C

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