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You were ordered to notArnial knew of only one other way she might could avoid them and turned the horse back down the path, there was a river she hoped she could wade across to the other side providing the fire was this side of the water.Estley raises an eyebrow in questionShe said nothing as I pulled her arm into a changing cubicle.I couldn’t find another friend to come along at the last minute like that.Brian wants you to suck his cock for him . . .“Oh, here it is, I think, oh yeah, this is it for sure, you should wear this.” She said with the grin she had the night before.I stated with the cheesecloth one because it was easiest.Though the lie was to serve the important purpose to farther terrify her before I raped her.Linda was a lovely sight with her udders sticking straight out, the black leather hood incasing her head, the black and red corset squeezing her waist.Thank you for reading the first chapter, a new one should be out within a few weeks so please check back.“Uh-

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