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Yes I kissed my brother.Do you,” She trailed off for a moment before continuing, “Do you want me too?”I was just drifting off to sleep when Chloe’s phone started beeping.“I also won't report your embezzling.”“I … okay.”I could tell exactly what point the video was by the sounds, so I knew it had gotten to the point where Rose had gotten naked.“I can’t get out!” Angela snapped, “This is… shit… try enslaving me, see if that works.”Well played, my queen.For the rest of that Saturday, we did our usual family things.Morgan watched them for a moment, unsure if the two small knives she had tucked in her boots could withstand fighting five soldiers.Seconds after hearing the latch slide the door opened slowly.“That was… I’ve never experienced anything like that!”A small stream babbled feet away, and the cool breeze rustled the leaves above her.It wasn't Mr. Black who responded to the "darling" but Mr. Savage.It didn't offer the view he wanted, but it was

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