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We shared everything.“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”I’m getting to my feet when someone barrels into my back and I crash into the dirt a second time.“Hopefully you’ll find out quite soon.” I replied.In appreciation, Boss man gave him a couple of days to rest from the journey and then promptly put him back to work.He walked into the den where his computer was and closed the door.She put her panties on and made herself presentable again.As I thought that was it.He couldn't hit Dad because he was too big; he would ultimately win no matter what so he had to just take it.When they started again Tom asked Andy if he could beat her with strap it’s something he enjoyed doing Andy said ok but not too much we want her next week, Tom could not find a strap so he got electric lead off a machine and had her bend over and started beating her he told her to count twenty hits when he did twenty her bum was on fire then he had lie on her back and count to ten, then they st